3 Tips to End Your Internship on the Right Note

We’re in the home stretch of internship season! By now, you’ve probably gotten a good feel for what the company you’re interning for actually does, the way the business is structured, and the type of people who work there. You may also know whether this is a place you would consider working at in the future or want to run far, far away from. End your internship the right way by doing these three things.

Do Your Homework (Literally)

If you’re still in school, now is the perfect time to make sure you’re fulfilling any requirements your college or university may have in place for your summer internship, like daily logs or a term project. Trust me on this one—I once waited until the end of an internship which had a required daily log…needless to say, retracing my steps was not fun. You should also check for any paperwork required from your academic advisors as well—springing forms on your boss on your last day is not a good look!

Write Those Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are a must. Even if it was the worst internship in the world, even if all you did was fetch coffee all summer, even if you worked 12 hour days for low pay, write a note to your direct supervisor and anyone you’ve developed a professional relationship with. Here’s why: It’s a small, small world out there. Even if you discover you have zero intentions of working at the company you interned with, you never know where your boss will end up, and who they know.

Make Your Connections

You’ve undoubtedly met a lot of people, and adding them on LinkedIn is a great way to build your professional network. (Check out this guide to personalizing LinkedIn request notes for every type of working relationship.) Take it a step further and seek out key people who you may not work with day to day, but can potentially help you down the line when you’re ready for a job. Ask your supervisor to direct you to the appropriate HR or recruiting contact, then set up a meeting or send them an email expressing your interest.

Now, get out there and finish strong!


Photo by Joanna Kosinska

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