One Thing This Week: Use Your Words!

Things you don’t learn in college: how to deal with co-workers, how to request vacation time, how to handle weird job interviews where you’re offered beer. Things you do learn in college: new words.

I met up with my old college roomie earlier this week, and somehow we got to talking about how without mandatory reading, homework and papers, it almost feels like our vocabulary is shrinking! While I love to read and write, I can tell you that I’m definitely not reading textbooks or writing academic papers in my spare time. Maybe a little vocabulary refresher wouldn’t be such a bad thing…

Enter: the Vocabulary Builder app, my One Thing This Week. The app is targeted at people studying for standardized exams like the GRE and GMAT (and the SAT and ACT for those a bit younger), and broken down into three sections: basic words, intermediate words and hard words. Words are presented to you in multiple choice format, and you advance through levels by selecting the correct definition. Some of the words are no-brainers, but there were a few I didn’t know either—malapropism, anyone?

It’s a great tool for those preparing for grad school, but equally great for passing time on your morning commute and distracting yourself from the fact that your 10 year high school reunion is next year. Try it, ya might learn something.

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