One thing This Week: Started From the Bottom

This week was a whirlwind. You know the kind—the type that has you uncorking a bottle of pinot before your door finishes swinging shut behind you. The types that makes it realllly easy to say, “Maybe I’ll just skip the gym/laundry/meal prepping/homework/insert goal of choice here and sit on the couch and try again tomorrow.”

Except that tomorrow turns into two days, into three, turns into a week…we’ve all been there. Even though we have something we really want, an idea we’re trying to bring to life, we (ok, maybe me!) choose immediate gratification (couch wine) over delayed gratification (writing your thesis so you can finish grad school).

With that, my One Thing This Week is a simple tweet, from @Twitter’s account:

According to this Fast Company article, this sketch by Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey was drawn on a legal pad in 2005. And just look at how far that sketch has come since then! I can guarantee that Jack did not grow Twitter into the social media giant it is today by choosing immediate gratification.

So what does that have to do with us? Keep writing, creating, studying, applying for jobs, doing whatever it is that will make you look back at your idea thirteen years from now and make you think, “Wow, I really, 100%, whole-heartedly, went for it.”

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