One Thing This Week: Your College Does Not Define You

I’m sharing my One Thing on a Wednesday, because this week has been so long that it feels like it DEFINITELY should be the weekend by now. My calendar app on my iPhone, however, can confirm that it is not.

According to this Wired article, Facebook Messenger is getting a new look. I’m not the most active Messenger user, but I can totally appreciate the work and research that goes into improving the user experience on an already popular product.

But the new design is not what inspired me this week.

Read the story, and you’ll see that a Rowan University student by the name of Christian Dalzano—who was still an undergrad at the time—was named as a “key shaper of new Messenger’s look…who blueprinted the screen experience of a billion-plus people while living in the basement of his parent’s South Jersey home.”

That’s right, a Rowan University student. AKA a good ol’, New Jersey, public state college graduate! Better yet, he wasn’t even done with school at the time! As a graduate of Ramapo College, another NJ state school, I feel a sense of pride when I see people from “regular” schools doing big things.

The lesson? To my young friends thinking about higher education, or to those who have a child in high school—if you choose to continue your formal education, choose the school that’s the right fit for YOU, whether it’s community college, trade school, an Ivy, state college, farm apprenticeship, etc. Where you go to college does not define you, your future or your success. It’s allll you.

That’s because there is no college course that can teach you the value of a good work ethic. That’s one lesson plan you’ll have to figure out yourself.

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