One Thing This Week: Almost 30 Podcast

IMG_3577 I stared sharing One Thing This Week to highlight something, ANYTHING, that made me pause for more than 30 seconds, reflect, and use it as motivation to keep moving forward when sometimes all I want to do is lay on the couch and binge watch This Is Us (Season 1 – I am a very late adopter).

I haven’t shared One Thing in a while, and this one is kind of meta: I chose it for the message itself, and for the creators behind the message. Let me explain.

Have you heard of the Almost 30 podcast? I’ve seen it while browsing podcasts on my phone, but never downloaded an episode. But considering that I am, in fact, part of the almost 30 demographic, and in need of a new podcast that isn’t depressing true crime, I finally decided to check it out. I downloaded the first episode, called “Welcome to Almost 30!” published back in 2016, along with a more recent episode. I was curious to see if there would be a notable difference in three years of content.

Oh, was there ever.

In the first episode, the two hosts, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik, are kindaaa all over the place. The episode kicks off with a clubby intro that made me double check whether it was recorded in 2016 or 2006. They’re talking about noisy neighbors, proud dads, and etiquette on sending ~adult~ pictures. It’s definitely a NSFW episode. But it’s real, it’s authentic, it’s two friends trying something new and living out their dreams. Plus, it’s hilarious!

Fast forward to 2019. 259 episodes later, Almost 30 has over 12 million downloads. Krista and Lindsey have a clear mission, and use their platform to address wellness and self-development. These ladies practice what they preached back in episode 1—they didn’t know when their success would come, but they believe that it would eventually reach them if they kept working hard.

Cheers to that!

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