One Thing This Week: World Kindness Day Edition

Today, November 13, is World Kindness Day, a global movement established to make kindness the norm. And in honor of this important day, I’m sharing my One Thing This Week that’s not actually not business-related, but life related. Let’s get serious, serious for a minute, guys.

One of the most inspirational Instagram accounts I follow is @specialbooksbyspecialkids. It’s run by Chris Ulmer, a disability-rights advocate, former special education teacher, YouTuber, and founder of the non-profit Special Books by Special Kids (SBSK).

On @specialbooksbyspecialkids, you’ll find video clips of Chris interviewing the kindest souls from the neurodiverse community, sharing their unique stories, thoughts and experiences with the world. Scroll through the page, and try to watch five clips without crying tears that are a mixture of empathy for some of these individuals’ hardships, and joy for their overwhelmingly positive attitudes.  You can learn more on, and you can donate to the charity here.

On this World Kindness Day, take a moment to put things in perspective. No matter how good or bad your week is going at work, how awesome or terrible your manager is, whether you aced or bombed your big presentation, there is more to life than what happens within the walls of your workplace.

November - WKD

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