Diana OvalHi there! I’m Diana (dee-on-ah), a twenty-something, New Jersey-based corporate communications professional. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus in Journalism, and a master’s degree in Corporate and Organizational Communications.

I started The Corporate Communique to create the  resource I wish I had when I was navigating the professional world. As a communications undergrad, I thought my choices were limited: magazine journalism or bust. Five (mostly unpaid) internships, two states and one entry-level job later, I discovered there were more career paths within the communications field than I ever imagined.

I’m currently working in a corporate communications role at a Fortune 500 company. As the resident millennial, I still have a lot of learning to do, but I’ve learned a few things too. Let’s learn from each other!

After Hours
When I’m not writing at work, I’m writing at home. I’ve written for major consumer publications including menshealth.com and fitnessmagazine.com, as well as trade publications. You can check me out here.

I admire all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and you’ll see that reflected in my posts from time to time. I’m an amateur chef (read: beginner cook!), with a sweet tooth that cannot be satisfied. I balance the sweet with regular sweat sessions at the gym (or at least I try to!) Being successful professionally is all about balance, and I want to document this journey as I try to find it.

Enjoy The Corporate Communique!